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Design Trend Alert! Green Wallpaper.

Ohhh wallpaper. My beloved decor element. Is there anyone else out there that has a minor (by minor I mean major) obsession with wallpaper? I grew up with a mother who wallpapered on the regular and thus, I have a deep, deep love for it. Simple, floral, geometric, all colors, you name it, I'm game.

And more and more clients are either asking for it or at least open to doing it which honestly makes my job 150 times better. Because as a designer, I'd argue there are two install days that literally make my heart skip beats - when the tile is installed and when the wallpaper is installed.

In my recent wallpaper sourcing adventures, I am seeing a design trend I had to share - green wallpaper. Okay, of course, there is every color of wallpaper under the sun. But, I am noticing more mainstream retailers like Target and Urban Outfitters carrying this hue in various patterns more and more. Here are ten of my favorites and one of these MAY be going in my dining room. But don't tell my husband because he will not approve and may move out of our house. Ha! #designerproblems

Because green - at its core - errs in the nature family, I am loving the variation you can get with this color palette and pattern. From florals to leafs and earthy materials like Terrazzo, this green wallpaper trend is ON POINT. And I hope it's here to stay. What do you think?

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