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Free Design Friday Featuring Target Outdoor

Well, it's Friday and you have worked hard all week. Up early, hustling, raising humans, leading people, drinking loads of coffee and checking things off of your to-do list. I feel you. And I figured everyone has worked hard this week and deserves a present. And because all of said people love free things, today commences my #freedesignfriday series where I've design a space, sourced you the products and basically am giving you my design concepts for free. Yes, free.

And although a lot of you are still wearing Ugg boots and black puffy Gap jackets, summer will be here before you know it. Which means dining al fresco, reading in the sun and all of the glam outdoor BBQs you could ever ask for. Thus, for the coming weeks, I'm going to be rounding up some of my favorite outdoor pieces. First up - a glam indoor/outdoor Target space. Duh.

You guys, I am doing a bunch of backyards right now (because I live in Miami and this is life) and I am not kidding I think this year's outdoor furniture and accessory launch from Target is one of the best yet. Between Project 62 and Opalhouse, I am set for life. Gimme all the black and white.

And I took a different spin here. I did a combo of indoor and outdoor pieces for ample versatility. So hey, if you need some ideas for a casual living room, here you go. Or maybe you want a funky nursery (just add a crib and rocker of course), done. Or, what about a new garage space?! Weird? GOOD.

Can we talk about those terrazo pillows? What about those green/gray chairs? Well designed outdoor chairs aren't always easy to come by, especially in a unique color like this. And everyone needs a gold drum side table in their life.

Here are the sources - shop away, friends! xx

Faux fur rug for layering

Gold honeycomb drum side table (they are on clearance, hurry!)

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