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Reveal // Overstock Kids Space

Hellllooooo! I am so excited to share more of the after shots of the amazing kids space I designed in conjunction with BizNest and Overstock. I have sourced Overstock products for many clients in the last couple years (and I have a bunch of their products in my own home as well) but I have never designed a children's space with their products. And when Overstock graciously agreed to partner with us on this project, I could not wait to scour the website and curate this space.

A quick background - BizNest is a co-working space in Miami that specifically caters to working parents that want to bring their kiddos into an office where they are taken care of, can learn and be creative AND the parents can also work and thrive and know their kiddo is in great hands. As a working mom, I LOVED that BizNest had a space for kids. I think about the days my daughter doesn't have school but I still have to be able to bring her to work with me, have a daycare service watch her and I still get to work would be so ideal. Or breastfeeding moms. Or work-from-home parents that want to get out and work but need a place to bring their kids, too. Needless to say, I was passionate about this project!

My vision for the space was: bright, boho-chic, pops of color, playful and functional. I didn't want the space to be TOO childish, especially given the age range was very broad - from infants to teenagers. I wanted the space to have ample seating, to feel warm and to create an environment where the kids could thrive. Literally everything I chose from Overstock hit all of those parameters! I felt finding exactly what I needed was easy and I found myself dreaming of so many other spaces I wanted to design using these products! In the world where kids products can be so expensive or the quality may be lacking, I feel Overstock was a happy medium to both of those extremes: incredible value, great quality.

See for yourself and check out the full list of sources below. My biggest tip for all of you out there when designing a kids space - use adult furniture and adult products! As you can see from the pictures and the sources below, 95% of what I curated for the space were items adults could use in their homes/apartments. It's a matter of context and creativity!

A HUGE thank you to Overstock for their sponsorship. So many kiddos will now thrive, create and learn because of your generosity!

Photo Credit // Spin Gallery

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