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Guest Bedroom Redesign Reveal with Overstock

Hello hello dear lovely readers! I hope your summer has been fun, relaxing, sunny and productive. Over here at casa de Ueno, the summer has been a nice blend of creative, challenging, pools, design projects and travel. And if I am being honest, it’s been a little too busy for my liking but I have hope for what the next season ahead is bringing.

And speaking of new seasons, I am thrilled to share with you a project I’ve been working on that has finally completed…my guest bedroom redesign. I partnered with the incredible team at Overstock, shared some vision, brainstormed and they graciously supported my design dreams which has. Been. A. Blast. Let me explain more…

Design challenge: our guest bedroom was busy, a mish-mosh of art and décor that I just threw up on the walls and in the space, overwhelming and crowded. For a hot second, I felt it was sort of this office meets guestroom art studio real-life moodboard blah blah blah. What? Oh yeeess that sounds so inviting for guests, doesn’t it? Nope. And the kicker is this – I’ve spent 15 years in the hotel business – and I know a good guest room if I see one if you know what I mean. And this was not.

Design solution: Overstock.

Questions? Comments? Need I say more?!

OF COURSE I’m saying more. I dreamed and scoured their website to create a moodboard, all the while imaging our guests feeling at home, comfortable and inspired. I wanted timeless pieces that wouldn’t break the budget. And I based the design off of marble contact paper. Normal.

Let me tell you a few things I’ve learned about my Overstock creative ventures. Or, shall we say, my OCVs.

  1. New source for sourcing (yes, that’s what I mean). Admittedly, I haven’t had Overstock in my repertoire of sourcing either for myself or for clients. But after this experience, that has changed, namely because of their unique design and relevancy. I was able to curate really timeless pieces that frankly, I – or my clients – would have paid 3-5 times more previously. Their options are so robust, shipping is free on orders over $45 and product is on point.

  2. Quality and Value. The quality was amazing for every single piece (seriously) I ordered. For example, Harper Blvd Jacana Glam Accent tables-turned-nightstands. The brass is perfection and I was so pleasantly surprised that the bottom layer of this piece was mirrored. It did come in a few pieces but it took me around 10 minutes to put together. (When in doubt/need, open a bottle of wine and invite a super awesome friend over who loves to do these projects.) And then let’s talk about the Willa Glass Table Lamps. Heavy glass, gorgeous design, versatile. They came with the lamp shade (can I get an amen?) AND light bulbs. And the Alexander Home Jungle Sheepskin Rug is just the piece that brought everything together. It’s mushy and soft and I KNOW guests will love it. Why? Because I just do and also because my husband – who basically is like an anti-designer and comments on furniture or décor or style or design around never – was hanging out in there one day (no joke) and as he was leaving the room said, “I love that rug…it’s so soft.” #yep.

  3. Their tenure and reliability in the design and décor space the last 18+ years. Here’s the thing to know about Overstock. It’s an incredible online ecommerce site for designers and consumers alike, carrying well-created furniture and furnishings, suitable for basically every room in your home or office. They are trusted and established and I love that about any brand I engage with and purchase from. You are bound to get the best customer experience because of this.

Okay, that’s a wrap. Guest room is complete, I am thrilled, Overstock is amaze and the holidays will be better for my friends and family when they are sleeping at our house. All sources listed below!

And guess what? Since you’re a trooper and read all the way through right here and now, you get in on the secret. As part of my collaboration with Overstock, if you go and follow, tag some friends and comment on my Instagram page, you will be entered to win a free 2-hour design consultation (including a moodboard) by yours truly for the room of your choice and a $50 gift card*. Fall is coming, holidays aren’t too far and perhaps your home needs some updating. Be it your guest room, master bedroom or play room, I’ve got your covered. And so does Overstock.

This post and project and marble guest room awesomeness have been sponsored by my sweet friends at Overstock. All opinions and commentary are 100% my own and authentic to my experience working with Overstock. Hope you enjoyed!

*, Inc. is in no way affiliated with this sweepstakes. Gift card subject to additional terms and conditions. is a registered trademark of, Inc.

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